I'm looking to learn more about underground gourmet and guerilla gourmet get togethers. It's sounds fantastic, but it brings me to the three big questions, When, Where and How? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments? Thanks.

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Ciao David WE on the west-side (Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu...etc.) we are try to start a get together dinner around here...and we usually communicate trough posting each other mes...I don't know were you really are in terms of location...perhaps you can join the conversation and see...Hope to see you online Buona Fortuna...Gia
Morning, Gianna. Thanks for responding to my post. I live in Woodland Hills which in the big picture isn't all that far away. I'd certainly not mind traveling to any of the West Side to experience a new dining pleasure. I'll keep monitoring postings on the Ghetto Gourmet and maybe find an event some time soon. And hopefully I'll have a chance to meet you in person at one of these "clandestine" events. Ciao. David
Hi David,
I am in Valley Village/Studio City area which is closer to you and I have the same questions, where, when and how? Kepp me posted if you hear anything in our area.
Hey there, Brenda. The party we were going to on Saturday, Dec 5 got postponed... so now my wife and I may be going the cheese and wine dinner through Amy's Culinary. I'm really excited. Are you going? I don't remember if you said. D.
I live in Tarzana, right next to Woodland Hills, but as a transplanted NYer I don't drive. My darling husband does, but is older than me and often too tired after work to then drive "over the hill". If the West-Siders get things together for an event, I'd love to hitch a ride with you!
Hi there, Elena. David G. here. It would be a pleasure to give you a lift to any of the events my wife and I are going to. I'm a New Englander myself, having gone to college in NYC. So meeting another "friend" from back home would be great. We're going to the February 13th dinner that Chef Amy Jurist is throwing -- One Night In Paris. If you are signed up for that and need a ride, just let us know. And Welcome to the foodie community here in LA. D.
Hey there, I'm new to this site as well. I'm in the West LA area. Anything happening soon?
Hey Nea. The next underground dining experience that I know of is by Amy Jurist and it's entitled La Nuit de Paris... so it's going to be French themed. She hasn't announced the location but the dinner will be Saturday night, February 13th. There are two others I know of, one in January and the other in February but they are both sold out. They're smaller -- only 14 people in those. Amy's groups are a bit bigger. Her last one was fantastic. I'm going in February as well. If you're looking for more info, feel free to drop me a line. Nice hearing from you. David
I'm chuck in Marina Del Rey. Went to amazing outlaw dinner party in Hancock Park couple months ago...chef came down from SF. Hope to hear more about the party in Feb. Thanks!
Hey Chuck. I'll let you know how it goes... I'm going to another party in March as well from another chef. Waiting for the details of that one... I'll keep you posted.
I'm Katie from down in the South Bay. I just joined yesterday and would also love to be kept in the loop as to what's going on. I have a nice group of foodie friends who I'm sure would also be interested in getting in on the action. February party looks interesting.
As soon as details from Chef Amy Jurist are available on the Feb 13th event, I'll post them here... as I'm sure Amy Jurist will do as well. Nice to have new folks joining and sharing some wonderful culinary experiences and bringing about new friendships. D.


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