Hey, Cleveland:

Due to a variety of other distractions, including getting married, I haven't been able to attend any of the events so far. Nevertheless I am going to boldly issue a challenge: that some enterprising gourmands come up with a menu that is at least 90% locally-sourced ... after the growing season is over!

I know I am not the person who will answer the challenge, but I'm willing to help.

Any takers?

Catherine Donnelly

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Yikes, that's bold! We'll have to ponder this.
Modify down to 75%?
would definitely be a "meat & potatoes" type meal, but completely doable. a roast with root veggies, cheeses, apples...no problem.
If you are willing to help, help get us started with some locally sourced ingredients. Does "Ohio grown" constitute locally sourced? Or does this have to be from your back yard?

1st course: fried bacon served with fresh mozzarella

2nd course: Fresh pasta in cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms.

3rd course: Beef short ribs braised in canned tomatoes and onions, served over barely.

Dessert: Honey oatmeal walnut cookies.
At this point it would need to be after the holidays, I think, but I'm very intrigued and willing to help out. Maybe my cold frame greens will be ready by then!


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