hey all,
after discussing with jill, we thought it would better serve the group if we kept this section to a "forum style" only, hence the disappearance of the "comment" portion of the group.

this way we can start a topic, and keep it consolidated under one heading so it's a little easier to read and search for future members. in the coming days, i'll put up some separate posts with the menus from the past dinners as well as links to the pics. this way anyone that wishes to comment or organize a future event can have their own heading that everyone can see at once as opposed to clicking through pages of comments.

some other topics we can start are "how to organize an event", "resources" in terms of who has plates, tables, glass wear, etc... to share, and "who do you buy from" in terms of local food sources.

thanks again to jill for initially putting the group out there, i think this is going to only help us "ghet" more organized.


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okay, so i posted up the menus and other info from the first couple dinners. if i missed anything, or need to edit something, just post up here or shoot me a message.



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