Thanks for joining GG Denver. I hope you are all aware that this is going to be huge!!!

I met with some friends last night who are involved is different aspects of service industry (chefs, bartenders, DJs, promoters), and we are going to really give Denver something to talk about.

It is kind of growing in different directions, so I want to get some feedback from you all about what you would like to see.

Truth be told, I started this group as a way to meet some cool new people and throw some cool parties. I love to cook and I love to eat good food, so that is my primary focus. Some fine dining dinners, some more casual mixer events, some cooking classes. In addition to having dinner parties, I think this also offers a good opportunity for people just to get out and eat together. I was just at a restaurant that does a 3-course lobster dinner for 30 bucks.

If you would all please just comment back on what you would like to see, what you would like to offer, and a few party ideas.

I will be having a Nyotaimori party, but that will be later once we really get this group built. So make sure you are spreading the word.

Another will be the Ghetto Gourmet Summer Park Series. It would be sort of a traveling picnic if you will.

I look forward to eating with you all very soon.


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I like the idea of the casual mixers, but for me anyway midweek evenings don't work that well.

I also like the idea of some cooking classes. Like a lot of people I'm a decent cook who wants to be a much better cook. I also like the opportunity to try learn new recipes and techinques.

I'll show my ignorance. What is a Nyotaimori party

Anyway keep up the good work!
I'm sorry to have missed the gastro-pub party as I'm sure it was fab...but like George above, unfortunately weeknights are tough for me as well. Looking forward to a Fri/Sat/Sun event!!
I dig it... let me know when
I think your idea is excellent. I am at your service. Let me know how I can help you.


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