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I’m looking for a great rustic Sicilian restaurant in the I.E. More specifically, I’m missing my favorite calamari in red wine sauce over pasta dish that my favorite Sicilian restaurant in Piedmont (Oakland) serves. I've Googled this recipe, but no luck. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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There is an excellent Italian restaurant in Loma Linda on Redlands Blvd. It is called Napoli.
Thank you. I'll have to check it out!
I love Sicilian food. Pretty much Italian food is my favorite. I don't know of my Sicilian restaurants around here. But I can give you some recipe websites. Three of my favorites are www.epicurious.com, www.allrecipes.com and www.recipezaar.com. If you can't find a good calamari in red wine sauce pasta dish on those sites, I can give you some other ones. Let me know.
Thank you. I have scoured every (almost) web-site, but haven't found this exact recipe. I'll have to keep trying. Or maybe this was the big family secret recipe. :)


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