I'm looking to learn more about underground gourmet and guerilla gourmet get togethers. It's sounds fantastic, but it brings me to the three big questions, When, Where and How? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments? Thanks.

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How about this . . . Dishes prepared on-site by different individuals or couples. I can hold up to 8 persons. Each attendee/couple brings a wine and we blind taste to test different pairings. Hosted in Santa Monica, sometime this month or the second half of February. Whose in?
Hey Holly. Gosh, cool idea. My wife and I would be up for something like that. Second half of February might be better for us, but when you get a date picked out, please consider us. Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Chef Amy Jurist is presenting an underground dining experience. "A Night In Paris" is the theme so French it is. And if it's anything like her last one, book yourself into it. If you need to reach her, she's on this site. Please join us there. My wife and are going. D.
Great! Thanks David. Perhaps we can connect at Amy's event. I wanted to attend the last one and had a date conflict. I will begin formulating an intimate dinner party as well.
i'd love to come! im toast though until after my 2/13 Paris dinner.
If you have room for any more, my boyfriend and I would love to do something like this as well in February. Unfortunately, we were too late for the Amy Jurist event this time:(
Wonderful. Look forward to meeting you. D.
So far I've found Amy's Culinary Adventures, Alessandra's Orgasmo de la Boca, Rachael & Suzanne's Chicks with Knives (attended), and Pace Webb's Taste of Pace (attended). Not to mention specialty dinners like those for people into raw food, such as one I just attended by Jason Wrobel. So much fun!!! Oh, yeah, also Outstanding in the Field. I don't have time now to look for links, but that list can get you started on who to google or look up on Facebook.
Hey Elena. You've done really well finding these places... I'll start my footwork and see what I can find. A few of them I already have. But thanks so much. BTW, are you going to Amy Jurist's A Night In Paris dinner on Feb 13? My wife and I can pick you up if you need a ride. D.
Perhaps I can interest you in my mixological services for any clandestine gastronomical events....


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