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I can't keep up.   When The Ghet got started there were very few online social dining projects: Mike and Naomi Hebberoy's Family Supper, Jim Denevan's Outstanding in the Field and Oakland's own… View »

Welcome to the Table

The Ghetto Gourmet started as a little Monday night "pirate restaurant" with three main goals: 1. Try new things. 2. Build a groovy clientele. 3. Make the world a better place. From 2003-2008, we or… View »

How we got started...

When you get thousands of people from the internet to have dinner with each other on some stranger's living room floor, you get a lot of great stories. People are on their best behavior, they freely… View »

The Press

Check out our spot from CurrentTV. Recent: East + West Magazine (Vietnam) Press Enterprise New York Times! PSFK MSN DailyAccess The East Bay Monthly Charleston Post and Courier covers Guerilla Cuisin… View »

Links to our Culinary Comrades...

International The Hidden Lounge Canada! Hidden Kitchens Paris jim haynes paris kokun Barcelona zingara cucina Australia All over outstanding in the field santa cruz and beyond onepot cook the vote… View »


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