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The Ghetto Gourmet started as a little Monday night "pirate restaurant" with three main goals:

1. Try new things.
2. Build a groovy clientele.
3. Make the world a better place.

From 2003-2008, we organized about 400 "underground dinnerparties" and served around 10,000 people.

Today, The Ghetto Gourmet is a portal into the world of underground restaurants, speakeasies, supperclubs and other community-based alternatives for dining and entertainment. Plus, you can meet other foodies and plan your own culinary adventures. Check our blog for news, events and ideas from dining projects all over the world.

I hope you join us in using the GG Dinnerparty Network to:
Connect: Create, join or build your own foodie group or dinnerparty club.
Gather: Plan, promote and manage your culinary get-togethers: dinnerparties, potlucks, meet-ups or outings.
and Share: Post menus, stories, photos and ideas to collaborate with foodies all over the world.


photo by Victoria Charles

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